Slide What is a crypto currency? A crypto currency, also known simply as crypto is a digital asset created to work as a medium of exchange between two owners. The ownership records are stored in a computerized database often referred to as a ledger. Extremely strong cryptography is used to secure the ledger. What is BLOCKCHAIN and how does it relate to Crypto? Blockchain is what keeps cryptocurrencies safe and secure. Remember the ledger that keeps track of who owns what crypto? Now imagine each line of that ledger is a link in a chain. That link has information relating to other nearby links that are constantly being checked against the ledger. This makes blockchain supported crypto inherently resistant to data modification which basically means it is very secure.

Slide Is Bitcoin the only Crypto and why is it so popluar right now? Bitcoin was the very first crypto currency created. This alone accounts for much of its success. A crypto takes a long time to develop and earn trust. Bitcoin had a very rocky start with little to no support. As more people began to believe in and purchase the coin, the value continued to rise. Now, in 2021, support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general has never been higher. Major banking and credit institutions signaling a willingness to get in the crypto game have really added fuel to the fire.

There are now hundreds of different cryptos ranging in value from thousands of dollars to fractions of a penny and everything in between. Banks and large corporations have created their own cryptos and even gaming companies. There's no guarantee that any of these cryptos end up thriving or even just surviving.

Slide Then what's the downside? Crypto currency prices can be extremely volatile and tend to be influenced by the slightest change in sentiment. A negative tweet from Elon Musk has sent the price of Bitcoin tumbling in the past. The level of certainty that comes with buying a stock like Apple or Google simply doesn't exist in any crypto yet. Is Crypto a solid investment? The reason crypto prices rise is because people believe in it and buy it. As long as that holds true, crypto currencies will continue to be a reasonably good investment. There are some very large firms including Tesla {TSLA} that have invested very heavily into bitcoin. The current value of a single bitcoin sits at just below $50,000 USD.