Gamestop {$GME} – Earnings release date announced. The favorite of Reddit and wallstreetbets has become the favorite of the internet. The stock is currently sitting at $248.30 in after hours on March, 9, 2021. The release of the fourth quarter financials and 2020 Fiscal Year Earnings will be on March 23, 2021. The news will almost certainly be bad in my opinion. The numbers they will be revealing will all be from before this madness with the stock began. They will also be from a largely locked-down time frame.

How this all affects the stock price remains to be seen of course, but I’m still extremely bullish for one reason only. Gamestop does not play by the rules. Just the news of the earnings date announcement has the stock on the rise. The news that has come out of Gamestop the last month has all been positive including bringing on ex CEO Ryan Cohen to take the company into the digital era. A press release with low numbers is to be expected. The stock isn’t taking off again because of anything that happened in 2020.

It’s also worth noting with the earnings report coming out during the imminent release of stimulus checks to American retail investors, the sky could be the limit once again for Gamestop. Even a drop of the $GME ticker back down under $100 would not mean the end of the ride. The earnings release date could actually create another short squeeze situation.


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